Attorney-At-Law Office Pelko & Kovač, o.p., d.o.o.

Law is one of the oldest professions. Mankind developed it to help regulate life on this planet. The love for law, professional and life experience, and putting the client first are all attributes which enable us to help you answer your questions, or to solve your potential problem.

This office cooperates with various outside experts specializing in other branches of law, as well as with other attorneys and law firms. Our practice represents legal and natural entities, both local and foreign, and offers representation in various legal matters.

We are especially qualified for the representation of legal persons in the field of company law and labor law. We are frequently engaged in composing various commercial contracts, organizing and leading shareholders’ meetings, representing legal entities in commercial disputes, and we also act as outside legal consultants to smaller and medium-sized Slovenian and foreign companies, financial and leasing companies, and sports and real-estate agencies, offering them comprehensive legal support.

When representing natural persons, we deal with compensation claims against insurance companies and employers; we represent our clients in labor court in matters of employment termination and other monetary and non-monetary claims; we compose all kinds of contracts (delivery contracts, permanent alimony contracts, and donation contracts); we represent our clients in probate proceedings, and in disputes arising from trespassing and easement, as well as in all other areas of civil law.