Misdemeanor law

  • Representation of legal persons.
  • Representation of natural persons due to violations of the Road Traffic Safety Act.


  • Legal consultations, advice and opinions.
  • Representation in disciplinary proceedings before employers.
  • Representation in criminal proceedings in court and in other institutions.
  • Composing applications, documents and contracts.
  • Composing compensation claims.
  • Representation in proceedings at labor courts.
  • Representation in commercial disputes, in disputes pertaining to copyrights or industrial property.
  • Representation in court and other institutions.
  • Representation in disputes arising from trespassing, easement, and residence status.
  • Representation in probate proceedings.
  • Representation in proceedings for the separation and distribution of joint estates.
  • Representation in administrative disputes and disputes with inspection authorities.
  • Representation in the process of registering companies and proprietors.
  • Drafting general legal acts and dealing with company status matters.
  • Composing and professionally examining contracts.